Holland Road Furniture
Reclaimed Live-Edge Woodworking

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Joshua Maddox                

The origins of Holland Road Furniture developed slowly over a period of years and its path was unusually windy. Eight years ago Josh Maddox decided to build a log home by hand from trees he cut from his family farm, the average log of which was 20 inches in diameter, some reaching over 2 feet. He describes the project as a life-changing adventure that intertwines surreptitiously with the origins of Holland Road Furniture.

During the initial stages of this project, a bearing went out on a chainsaw sawmill he was using to longitudinally bisect the sill (bottom) logs on the log home. Sadly, this resulted in a 30 foot unusable and non-dimensional “mistake” log. This was a low point in the project for Josh because of the seemingly unnecessary waste of a beautiful log; but after a long look at these scraps, he realized he could, and one day would, turn these scraps into tables. He stored the logs and forgot about them until 7 years later, he came upon them searching the barn for a tool. After pulling the scraps out he realized their character had only increased with the years. He began building coffee tables just for fun, but soon after people discovered these tables, orders began coming in. It became evident that his love and talent for working with these trees was paving the way for a live edge furniture business, Holland Road Furniture.

Important to note is that he only uses trees that are cut down by others and out of necessity. This is an important point to him because he wouldn’t want to harvest 100-200 year old trees simply to make furniture, but since such trees are being cut daily, he believes that his work with them allows them to live on.